ACTA soon to join graveyard of attempts to cut online liberties


Now that EC digital chief Neelie Kroes has acknowledged ACTA is set to fail and join the growing worldwide graveyard of deceptive attempts to lockdown the Internet, maybe we can move on and start co-designing a truly user centered framework for our global digital future. While this sounds great, my only concern is who (or which entity) has the legitimacy to start this conversation ? I’m afraid none of the existing bodies are “free” enough to tackle such a global wicked problem. Particularly if it involves using remedies and solutions from the past.
We are living a historic time, the answers we will provide are likely to shape the future of our society for generations. Let’s not miss this unique opportunity to build upon what the Internet and the Web have achieved, to design the first Global Digital Policy Framework. Internet is a county that has all the flavors of a country except physical territory. We are all citizens of the Internet, let’s unite and follow this metaphor in this global co-design challenge.

(May 8, 2012 article from The Guardian )

Latest News : May 9, 20012,  Switzerland to postpone signature of ACTA in light of general controversy and protests.


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