About Me…

jhmAfter a wonderful experience in Seoul, South Korea, as associate professor in information systems (MIS) at Korea University Business School (KUBS), I’m now based in Geneva Switzerland where I’m a associate professor of information systems and services at University of Geneva. This blog may not be extremely active but it’s main intent is to be thought-provoking on a variety of issues related to my research or to issues I find interesting and worth sharing and documenting. Another more specific goal is to initiate a global discussion on Digital Policy Management (DPM), a hot and important emerging issue I’m working on. Another emerging idea in Information Security is “green security”. Although apparently a strange idea, reversing some fundamental assumptions in security could lead to interesting new approaches such as recent work I’ve done on Exception Management in DRM environments. More on this soon, so stay tuned…

… and feel free to drop me a note as a comment or you can also contact me by email.


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